Where can I find cute character or cute design refill for my agenda?

  1. Hi ladies! :flowers:
    I like Hello Kitty, sanrio, san-x, pure morning and all this cute stuff so I would like to get cute refills for my agenda! But on eBay I was able to find only the refill for LV agenda and it doesn't fit mine! Do you know any website or ebayer who sell cute agenda refill?
    Thank you in advance!! As always! :heart:
    p.s. I attached a pic of my agenda, it has 6 rings and the pages are something like 13 cm x 9 cm. Thanks!!! :love:
  2. I have a pink leather planner from Designer's Guild and I ordered my refill pages from www.flavia.com. They're very pretty, but they're not cute. I would love to find Hello Kitty pages too!
  3. ^^^ I don't see the pic?
  4. Thank you Claire! That website is very pretty! I need to check if they ship to Italy! And if I find Hello Kitty refill I will post here! :yes: