Where can I find COCO CABAS??!!!!

  1. I called several Chanel boutiques and they siad that bag is completely sold out!!!Anyone know where I can find it??? I don't really want to buy from eBay!
  2. What color? Vinyl or leather?
  3. I know DJJeans was selling the vinyl on ebay... but his prices are a little high.
  4. Try the Wynn in Las Vegas and ask for Lana or Tem(sp?). 702-765-5055.
    That is where I tracked mine down and they had quite a few. Apparently, they seem to get bags first and a large inventory of them. Always have them look in the back.
  5. What color? Vinyl or leather?

    it has to be the black distressed leather for me, have heard that the vinyl doesn;t wear too well - smooth, do you know of any? There's none in the Uk either!!
  6. When I called, they only had the distressed leather bags. They had Black and Grey.
  7. whats the retaIL ON the leather version?
  8. 1650.00 for what they call the Large Tote but it is VERY BIG so it's not for everyone. You have to love big bags!
  9. i thought that they came in two sizes? :confused1: large and extra large? I think I can cope with the smaller of the two - but will have to make sure I don;t put too much in it - :sweatdrop:
  10. The fall 2006 bag only comes in one size.

    They are introducing a smaller size with the Cruise collection. You might want to wait for the smaller size.
  11. I am looking for the vinyl one in either Large or ExtraLarge. I called Las Vegas today, they said they have it but wouln't seel it to me because I am not on the waiting list..:sad:
    The ones on eBay are quite expensive, I know the retail price for the large one is $995 and people are selling it for $1400 or more..

    Does anyone see it anywhere?????