Where can I find Coach Ballet Flats???

  1. I love the ballet flats by Coach because they look so comfy. Where can I find a place that sells them for about $100 or less? I already checked GothamCityOnline. I've seen the canvas ones before at the Rack and Off 5th doesn't discount too much. Also they get snatched super fast at DSW :sad:


    PS- If Balenciaga/Hermes section asks, I was never here ;) Hehehe.
  2. The only other place that you can get flats for a really good price is eBay. Good Luck!
  3. eBay. or wait till the next pce, 25%. :push:
  4. oh wait, norstroms and macy's! sales!
  5. i very rarely see them on sale at bloomies or macys- and, if i do, it's either a 10 or a 6. lol.

    are you looking for a specific style? and what size are you?
  6. Amazon.com has them on sale (almost half off). Just click on apparel in the search feature and enter "COACH FLATS". It's the Coach Talia Flat. They come in pink and blue. Not quite a ballet flat, but real close.
  7. Oooops, double post....sorry.
  8. I've seen some at Marshall's.
  9. Macy's has flats for $98. I can't think of the name but they come in demin, black and brown.
  10. ^ Those are the ones I want. Are they on sale? Everytime I go to Macys they are never on sale...maybe its certain stores.
  11. the patchwork ones?
  12. Keep an eye on the Coach stores at the mall (assuming you have one near you). I've gotten the great majority of my Coach shoes from the actual Coach store, up to 50% off at the end of the season right before they put out the next season's stuff - and I'm a pretty popular size too (8). I've also gotten lucky at Macy's and Bloomingdales on a few occasions but like someone else said, most of the time they have only really small and really big sizes.
  13. Everyone's kinda hit it....gotham city, department store clearance, coach stores when they are at 50% off.
  14. try bloomingdales, they should have them.