where can i find CL leopard ponyhair pigalles?

  1. i've seen a few on eBay recently, has anyone seen these in stores??
    i'm debating between the pigalles or miss allen j, can't decide if i should get pointy or round toe, hmmmm...

    here's a pic from an eBay auction:
  2. I saw them at BG in NYC last month. I wish I bought a pair! Personally I prefer the Pigalle over the Miss Allen.
  3. Pigalle for sure. This is a must have CL in my opinion and yes they were at BG a short while back. Not sure if they still have them as these sell out very fast.
  4. I've also seen the leopard pigalle these at BG, but they were out of most sizes when I was there two weeks ago. They are a gorgeous shoe!
  5. thanks for the info everyone! i'll have to call BG tomorrow and see if they still have my size, ack!
  6. The leopard pony hair pigalle is currently on sale at BG, they are 30% off the original price ($750 approx). I prefer the miss allen j over the pigalle.
  7. well looks like BG is sold out of my size (35.5/36) i'm hoping a pair in my size will pop up on eBay. let me know if anyone sees them anywhere else!!