Where can I find Chanel purses ON SALE?

  1. Maybe I'm 'stupid' but I've been reading threads about purchases made of chanel purses/wallets ON SALE either at Saks or Neiman Marcus.... However, whenever I go to either, there are never any chanels on sale, or at least, not 'displayed'. I'm shy with SAs as some can be intimidating.. But do we have to ask, or would it be in a 'sale' rack?? Just curious... Please let me know! I want to buy more!!:confused1:
  2. You can ask if they have any stock of Sale bags, my NM has a cabinet of them. They're not usually ones anyone wants though. Otherwise wait until the sales a couple of times/year - Dec is next.
  3. Thank you so much! December is right around the corner :biggrin:
  4. Have you had a look at Luxury- alliance.ch. They have a few listed at the moment:
  5. Oh, no I haven't heard of that site..Thanks, Rose! Am gonna take a look right now:yes:
  6. great site anyone else want to add their suggestions?
  7. I had never heard of this site before. They had some very nice bags on sale.
  8. Old bags, but cute.

    These are authentic bags? Seems like a good site if so.
  9. there's a sticky about who sells authentic Chanel, you may want to check that out.
    I'd prefer a list to stay there rather than starting a new one here.
  10. Has anyone been to their shop in Zurich?