Where can I find Chanel EYEGLASSES in Los Angeles?

  1. I need a new pair of eyeglasses and I really want Chanel ones. All the ones I have now are either Oliver Peoples and Paul Smith and I am soooo sick of them. Anyway I found one store, Optometric Options, and they had Chanel eyeglasses but they didn't have much stock left and there was nothing I liked. I was told Lenscrafters sells Chanel eyeglasses so I went to the one near where I live and they didn't sell Chanel at all!!!:sad:

    So yeah anyone know other stores in Los Angeles where they sell Chanel eyeglasses? My doctor's office sells every company, Prada ect. but not Chanel!!!! I really want a pair. Thanks for your help :smile:
  2. Its werid but some Lens Crafters have Chanel Eyeglasses. I would call a Lens Crafters in an upscale area, and I'm sure they will sell them.
  3. Oops,
    You should call around other Lens Crafters, or ask them which stores carry it.

    There are some websites, but its difficult to work with when fitting them.
  4. Yeah I will try another LensCrafters and see. Anyone else know of other stores?
  5. The BEST I repeat BEST eyeglass store in LA is in Studio City on Ventura Blvd and it is called Maison D'Optique. There are other locations but this is the one to go to. There is a french guy, Franco, who is like a glasses guru. I collect glasses and sunnies...I walk in to the store and say I need new prescription eyeglasses and he will walk over, pick up one pair and say try these- they will be awesome...but to be sure I need to try on ALL the ones in the store...and then I ALWAYS buy the ones he handed me first. He is so great!!! He is also the buyed that goes all over Europe finding the most unique glasses.

    And they do great work on lenses there- I took a pair of my Chanel eyeglasses in and he had a FIT because my doctor had made the lenses the traditional way and not the 'Chanel' way!!!

    They carry Chanel but stock is limited (to the really good stuff!)!

    Anyway! You will see some great stuff! Also if you buy more than one thing he will usually cut a deal! Love him!:heart:
  6. What are of LA are you near by? I know the Lens Crafter in Pasadena sells CHanel. Also there is a st ore by me in Sherman Oaks that is locally owned and he sells Chanel and makes his own lenses so everything runs cheaper. If you want I can get the name.
  7. go to lenscrafters in pasadena, my mom got her pair there and with a triple a card you get 30% frame and lens, that was a plesant surprise
  8. i got my pair at lenscrafters (in new jersey though) but i know some don't sell them. they also told me that they only get one pair of each chanel styles.
  9. I live in West Los Angeles near Century City.