Where can I find Bubble Quilt bags?

  1. Hi,

    Chanel newbie here!

    So I saw this bag this summer and kept thinking it was the cloudy bundle for some reason :p Are these still available? Any on sale :nuts:?

    Thank you!:flowers:
  2. I have not heard of a sale on this ligne, but I know they are still available. What color are you hoping for?
  3. I'm not too picky about colors, I'm pretty open. I do like grey or black a little more than the beige color.
  4. Hope u find her soon.....i love the cloudy bundle bag then the bubble quilted bag....:smile:
  5. I'm in love with the bubble quilt. Cloudy bundle isn't a bad 2nd though choice though =)
  6. I saw a couple of bubble quilt flap at Saks NYC.
  7. oh...in what colors? do you see any green one?
  8. I saw a brown bubble quilt this evening at Chanel Boutique in Tysons Galleria. You can call my SA. Her name is Farah and her number is (703) 847-0555. Tell her Jackie sent you. If not she can order it for you. She just ordered a red HTF bag for me.
  9. No green, just the beige and brown ones.
  10. Can someone tell me what the dimensions are of the following bubble quilt bag...and also, what colors does it come in besides the brown one pictured? Lizlikeshugs...did you find one?

  11. This linge only came in like 5 colors right?
  12. ^ I think it only came in 4 colours: dark brown, olive/khaki, beige/sand and dark green.

    I have seen black BQs, but they're jersey.
  13. Thank you! Does anyone have modeling pics with the bag pictured above? Is it about the size of a jumbo classic flap?
    ETA: Found some pics on the "Your Chanel in action" thread...Oh dear, I think I want this bag now... :love:
  14. i got the same green flap from Saks too, it's smaller than Jumbo!
    i got it in November from Saks and my SA told me that's the last one in green color!