Where can I find Black Jumbo flap MM lock with new chain?

  1. Hi,

    I really want to get a black / dark grey jumbo flap with MM lock and new chain (bijou chain) before price increase on Nov 1... i believe the price is $2595 now.

    Can anyone tell me where can I find one? Please advise the store & SA information to me if possible...

    Thanks a lot!!! ;);)
  2. Neiman's got this size/color combination, but that was back in late June so hard to say if there are any still in stock.....try Neimans Scottsdale Arizona, ask for Joy. good luck! it is a hot abg, the strap is a bit shorter, like 9" versus 11" on the reissues or 13" on the jumbo flaps, jsut an FYI.
  3. I saw one at NM, Las Vegas a couple weeks ago and they had more than just 1.

    I thought all of the SAs were kind of obnoxious so there isn't one in particular I'd recommend.
  4. Thanks... I can locate one through xoStephxo. Hope I can buy it soon!
  5. Are you looking for caviar or lamb?
  6. I am looking for caviar. I guess the MM lock with new chain comes with caviar only, right?