Where can I find Birth Of Modern Luxury?

  1. I heard that it's sold out everywhere but I'm still hoping that there's still a copy floating out there. Anyone know if the boutiques in another country will ship oversea to USA? I really want a copy!!
  2. you can find them on Amazon, but the price is astronimical. If you dont mind a french version, I saw some on a french site, but unless vouz parlez/comprenez francais, you could only use it for eye candy photos...
  3. shopaholic: keep checking eBay. Yes, they were originally like $125 in the stores.

    I missed out originally, then saw the LAST one at Neiman's . They would not sell it to me because it was the display copy and Neiman's has standards.

    I did buy one one eBay for $350, and it was a charity fundraiser for the LindaBlair foundation for animals. At least it helped the animals.

    Anyway, please keep checking eBay, maybe someone will be selling theirs and it can be yours!
  4. Try calling your local LV - maybe they can call around and locate one for you

    My store tries within the country first and then they call France
  5. I got mine brand new from ebay for $135.. if you're patient, I think you should be able to catch a deal. good luck in finding one!
  6. Definitely keep trying eBay. I just purchased a used but excellent condition one for $250. Also try imagechic.com. They have a few books on there.
  7. ebay is your best bet i'm afraid.. Ít might be still up on Amazon.ca or Amazon.co.jp, but its was backordered for ages and still no signs that u can order it

    I got mine on ebay for around $250 or so... I kick myself for not getting them when it was out in the stores.

    I'd even resorted to my CC's platinum concierge service, but they quoted ebay sellers that were demanding US$400+

    Just be patient on ebay....
  8. ITA with everyone...go with eBay. Back in March, Vista and I ordered BML from Amazon for 149 CAD. Our order kept getting pushed back until finally in May, Amazon stated they cannot put our order through.

    Also, I do know that LV Greenbelt in the Philipppines does have it, if you are asking about other countries having them but I wouldn't go this way. Some countries, including Philippines, their LV products cost more, plus with the weight of that book (about 10 pounds), you'll be paying a fortune for shipping.

    Good Luck with your search for this book!
  9. The Louis Vuitton in edmonton has one or two floating around. So try giveing them a call.
  10. I just got one from a girl on Imagechic.com. She sold me her used copy but she still has her new copy on there.

    Best of luck! The book is amazing!
  11. Yeah go the ebay route. I remember hearing that the stores in the US had a few but they weren't in saleable condition.
  12. Last week I checked out amazon, and they have used ones starting at $400 :wtf:, and new ones at $500/$700/$1200!:wtf: ....I-N-S-A-N-E!!!
  13. did you notice in the first auction link posted on here by mbamom, the buyer was a 0 feedback person?
    Hope you find a copy!