Where can I find Applegarde?

  1. The Shining Monkey thread was interesting because I was just coming on here today to find out what I can use on the handles of my Speedy (my first LV!!!) :love:

    I know no one can vouch for anything but read that Applegarde and Wilson Leather Protector have been used with some success. Can anyone tell me where I can get the Appleguard product? I've used my bag for two days and there is already a smudge of some kind on one of the handles. :cry: I don't want to be scared to use it but it is an awfully expensive bag (at least for me!) and it will kill me to see it get messed up fast!

    I REALLY love this bag and am so happy ..... just want to keep it lookig nice.
  2. have you done a search in this Forum yet? It's been posted before. . . I'll try. . .
  3. You can also find it at Burlington Coat Factory, Bed, Bath and Beyond, and those kind of stores.
  4. Thank you guys so much! I should have thought to search the forum for mentions .... duh! There is a Bed Bath and Beyond right around the corner. I'll look there first, it would be great if they have it!