Where can i find an Ivory Paddington bag?!?!

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  1. Bonjour all!!

    I have been searching endlessly for the ivory paddington - but unfortunately no luck! I have even resorted to ebay - but i'm not sure what's fake and what's not.

    Pleaseee any suggestions ........

    Also, i am based in London soo if anyone has seen this coveted baaag please pleasee inform mee lol


  2. I actually saw one on NM online a few days ago:biggrin:
  3. There's one at NM now, they call it Chalk (cream)! :smile:
  4. NAP have 'off white' available at the moment.
  5. You are searching this bag on ebay and many Pf girls are selling it on ebay ( me too)
    But as you wrote is difficult to buy this bag on ebay because of fakes..
    I think www.netaporter.com as a off white paddy but it's different from Ivory.
    Take a look also to www.luisaviaroma.com
    Good luck!
  6. Usually aloharag has them. I think they just sold out but them a call anyways.