Where can I find an Ink First bag?

  1. I can't wait any longer and must get a B-bag ASAP. I think I want the ink or cornflower. Does the Balenciaga boutique in NY still have them? Anyplace else?

  2. Thank you so much, I will call in the morning. I have become obsessed with getting a Balenciaga bag.:lol: I will not rest until I have one in my hands.:graucho:
  3. you're welcome, but i must warn you cilla, it won't stop there :P
  4. Oh no.. the B bug has bitten.. Another one bites the dust.:greengrin:
  5. I'm pretty sure that Barney's NY has several ink bags (I think they had a first, a day and maybe even another style). I'm pretty sure they also a cornflower twiggy. Give them a call!
  6. lol :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  7. Oh, yeah! I think I just saw a post about a Barney's having an Ink First. Was it BH or Chestnut Hills? I can't remember now. If I find it, I'll definitely PM you. Someone definitely still had one, though. :smile:
  8. yippy, that would be great, you should call them too cilla-girl!!!
  9. Thanks again girls, I will be making calls in the morning.:yes:

    Ebay makes me nervous, so I rather buy from a reputable store.
  10. www.rakuten.com which is a japanese online shop has some ink first left and they ship internationally.
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