Where can I find an apple green first Balenciaga???

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  1. I have been looking for an apple green Balenciaga for a while and I finally called Neiman Marcus and they said that that color was from Spring Summer 2005:sad:. This would be my first Balenciaga and I was wondering if anyone knew of a place that was selling authentic apple green first classic Balenciaga, or if there was a similar color that they would be selling. It would help alot!!
  2. I think your best bet right now would be ebay. Although I must say, I dont think there are that many people who are willing to sell their apple green balencicag. It is just a great color.
  3. Thanks for replying, do you think they might have it in Balenciaga Paris?
  4. Unfortunately no, the color was very popular and made only in S/S of 2005 (so over 2 years ago). I think there was a post that there was an original wait list of 2.5 yrs that of course was never fulfilled.


    But there are some fab colors coming out this F/W 2007 :yes:
  5. I bought mine recently on ebay! You can find one if you look often and of course, make sure it is authentic by posting in the "authenticate this" section of this forum. They pop up now and then, good luck!!!! It is an awesome color.
  6. Thanks!! Im so sad though, but I like the mint color so I will probaly get it!
  7. Would you mind posting a pic of the mint color? I have been looking but I havent found very good pics.
  8. Do yout think they sell the Marigold.?..its very pretty

  9. Looking at the authenticate this thread, post # 13705 is discussing this color, check it out! I think it is on page 914.... :smile:
  10. Hi smiley,

    This is the mint (vert d'eau)

  11. Thanks, you guys have been really helpful. I hope Ill love my Balenciaga bag when I get it! Im thinking I might go with the marigold... Thanks again!!!!
  12. I know where to find an Apple Green City (unless it already sold), have not been back there in a while, but not a First.