Where can I find an Anthracite Courier?

  1. I'm on a mission...........I love my Anthracite City but since I recently bought a Black City, I'd like to trade my anthracity for an anthracourier. Does anyone know where I can find one. I've started checking with Barney's but it's so difficult because a lot of the SA's don't know Bal colors and they have their own "made up" names for them.

    Should I try Bal Paris? BalNY didn't order any couriers from last season or the upcoming fall season.....yikes! Any help would be appreciated.:tup:
  2. No kidding! BalNY didn't order ANY couriers last season and this season?! That's really surprising!!!

    Good luck in your search - I don't think it will be easy to find, but I know you'll succeed eventually. :yes:
  3. Cracker, there's an extra large courier on bluefly right now. It's "blue". I don't know if it's anthracite or what. I have it in my cart but was just holding it to see if a pfer wanted it.
  4. Thanks Judie. I saw that one this morning too. I was hoping it was anthracite but I think it's marine or ink. Thanks again for help. Someone should get it because it looks like a lot of places aren't carrying this style anymore.
  5. Cracker- I saw your other thread, asking about the color. Sorry it's not anthracite.

    You already own a courier, right? I take it you like the style?
  6. Did you try Harvey Nichols or Selfridges in London (see quoted post below regarding Anthracite availability in London):

  7. Barneys (Los Angeles) didn't order any couriers for the 07 season. so no anthra there. they have some couriers in stock from 06, but i didn't bother asking what colors.

    the SA's there are pretty useless, information wise. the one i talked to didn't even know what color anything was. i asked her to scan one bag, to see if it came up in the computer, but she said even that wouldn't help - they only label their bags as blue, black, green, brown, etc. but she did know what i was talking about when i said "anthracite", so at least they know something.

    she did volunteer to leave a message with the buyer so that they could contact Balenciaga and get color names, but i was so irritated i just walked out.

    i guess they think people don't care what color their bag is called, because THEY obviously don't. bizarre.

    anyway, right now they have a ton of SGH bags, mainly in black, some in ocean (which is pretty but boring), red/rouge (definitely NOT tomato), dark brown, etc. they also had a part time in greige, but it looked like it had SGH. they also have sale bags, one work with canvas and bright green leather, but the rest were whistle bags.

    sorry for the long post, especially with crap info. i know they have a lot of 06 bags stashed in the back, but like i said, i was too irritated to chat with the SA after she basically told me she knew nothing :tdown:
  8. fiat I tried HN but no luck. I'm sure there's one out there somewhere but I'm tired of looking. Time to move on and decide on a color from the Fall Collection.

    judie I sold my Ink, so the new one will be a replacement for that one. I needed somthing a little more neutral. My ink was very purple.......which I loved but not for a bag that I needed to go with everything.

    Thanks Nicole for looking out for me today. I think I'm going to stick to shopping with BalNY. It's so frustrating dealing with department stores that don't use the Balenciaga names.
  9. ...not that BalNY is perfect ... what with their (lack of) return policy and the fact that they sometimes don't get *all* the style/color combos that people may want (e.g., Blue India Part Time, Courier). But it is refreshing to deal with SA's that know the lingo!!! ;)