Where can I find accessories in vernis fuschia?

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  1. I'm trying my hardest to find accessories in a vernis fuschia color. I've already tried ebay, my poupette, and google....but no luck. I'm more trying to find a coin purse, wallet, or something to put my credit cards in. Anyone know where I can buy this? Websites would be great! Thanks!:confused1:
  2. Just keep watching Ebay and Let-trade. I am sure there will be something soon.
  3. hopefully somthing will pop up on ebay *fingers crossed* dont forget to get it authenticated by our experts :smile: x
  4. eBay has the option for a buyer to post on a "want-it-buy" section. Try this as well.
  5. Watch how you spell it when searching ebay. Some spell it fuschia and some as fuchsia. That might help! Oh also try using the search words 'pink vernis'.
    They are rare and only come up occassionally, so you may have to check daily (or even several times a day) for months. Good luck!
  6. i have been looking for fuschia/pink vernis acciessories as well... i found a few but WAYYY too much they want for it, and im not going to pay much over retail.
  7. Where can you find fuschia vernis? In my DREAMS!! LOL (ok - not funny)
    anyhoo - do a search and then click 'save this search' -- then as soon as anything with those words appears it will email you!
  8. ^Yeah I agree, those are good prices IMO.
    Fuchsia was a pretty rare color, I was lucky enough to get my pieces not long after they came out and they're very hard to find now.
    I must admit that if I ever wanted to sell my pieces, I'd want to sell for a higher price too since the color is basically extinct now (and Framboise is a bit more muted than Fuchsia).
  9. Oh, that poor wallet :crybaby:
  10. i know! i got so sad looking at it. so neglected!