where can i find Abercrombie & Fitch polo for men in UK (london, edinburgh)

  1. :amuse: hi guy!

    well! i was new York few weeks ago! for 4 days for shopping!!

    i was in Abercrombie & Fitch store. for good 2 hours, now I'm in love with Abercrombie & Fitch clothing!! everything they do is great.

    i love their men polo shirt !!! it makes me looks slim!! :biggrin: and i want more NOW!! :love:

    so, i need to find where can i get them? i seen lots on ebay but i always think they are fake!!

    i don't live in the USA, I'm over the other side in Scotland,UK.

    so, can anyone help? to the guys who live of in the US, can you guys tell me do they ever have sale in their store?? n how much do they go mark down to??
  2. They do have sales in the stores and things get marked down $10-$20 on average, depending on the item. Some jeans and sweaters can get marked down $30-$40.

    www.abercrombie.com has some sale stuff. They probably will ship overseas.
  3. LOL I really don't think they make fake A&F stuff.. you can get things from there for really cheap if you go during a sale at the end of summer. Their clothes don't last very long though and get worn out easily. If you're looking for great slim fit polos that actually last after the first few washes I'd try Ralph Lauren or Lacoste.
  4. Yes, they do make fake A&F stuff. I worked at A&F in college and people brought fake stuff in all the time & tried to return it. If someone brought in a black shirt with an A&F label, sure sign it was fake (A&F doesn't sell black colored shirts or pants). People come to the store, try things on & ripe off the tags and attach them to non-A&F shirts later on to sell at flea markets and on ebay.

    All of my A&F clothes have lasted forever. I still wear their t-shirts and polos from 8-9 years ago.