Where can I find a...

  1. Magenta B bag (any style) aside from Ebay? I tried Bal NY but they told me they sold out a few months ago. :crybaby:
  2. Have you given AR a call? Not sure if they have it, but checking with them would be good:P
  3. Ebay or word of mouth are probably your only options right now. I'll keep my eyes and ears open!!
  4. I'm pretty sure they are sold out everywhere... but you can just get out the authorized retailers list and call every single one to check. good luck! let us know how it turns out! :flowers:
  5. Honestly, I think Magenta is long gone. It was a f/w 05 color (and my absolute favorite :love: )
  6. Thanks Ladies! I found one!:yahoo: My recipient will be sooo happy!:nuts:
  7. Ohh.. where did you find it? Pray share!
  8. Got it from a fellow TPF member. She's a sweetheart! :smile:

  9. Ohh.. lovely! Love these happy ending stories ;)
  10. Is that all we have to do?

    Then I want an 04 Rose Twiggy :smile:

  11. Thanks Pyrexia!