Where can I find a whitewash/rosegold matinee?

  1. Anyone know where one still exists (hopefully with a discount)?

    My mom saw this bag at Bloomingdales this afternoon and fell in love!
  2. Delcina has one for $625 - unfortunately there's no coupon code, but shipping is free.
  3. Thats weird! What happened to the Grechen code for Delcina? Anyone know??
  4. It may very well work, I'm not sure - but there's no mention of it on grechenscodes.
  5. delcina is a good bet - maybe it'll show up on deals of the week sometime soon. My mom rarely gets new handbags, I really want her to get this one for a good deal!
  6. ^Awww thats so sweet! I like buying my mom gorgeous bags too! I hope you get it:yes:
  7. Mine is in the mail from delcina`s. Really looking forward to getting this week!
  8. also available at jcmadison.com and blueheavenboutique.com