Where can I find a white sofa similar to this one?

  1. [​IMG]


    thanks in advance
  2. Maybe West Elm or Bo Concept?
  3. It looks like the B. Barry line which is now at Hendredon. She used to be with Baker.
    If this is a pic out of AD, then it most likely is her.
    And it could be a recovered vintage sofa.
  4. So far I like the one from Crate and Barrel and the selection at Bo Concepts the best. Never heard of Bo Concepts before but they have lots of very nice stuff on their site.

    Ironically enough, I also kinda like the "alpha" sofa at Bo Concepts.
  5. I was thinking that looked like something I'd seen in a store in the Westshore Mall in Tampa, and when I looked up the mall they have a BoConcept store, so that must be what I'm thinking of. Never realized the name of that store before but it looks like nice stuff.
  6. Have you looked at Design Within Reach?
  7. Yep. I don't like any of the sofas I saw there... They did have some other stuff i liked tho.
  8. Maybe check Ikea if you have one near you. They have lots of contemporary items.