Where can I find a Whiskey Edith....

  1. or have I completely missed out?!?

    I really want one now. If anyone has any info, please share. TIA!!!!
  2. it was on sale on Net-A-Porter for around 600 euros...
    Good luck!

    Sorry... i just checked and it is gone.. there's the bowler style at 717 euros
    Anyway, it is on the UK site... depending on where you are based, you may be able to find one at Neiman Marcus...
    Post your request in the Master List of What Each... thread to let everyone know...
  3. oh, i can't believe i missed out on the nap sale!!!!

    i'll try posting on that thread. thanks mariabdc!
  4. You can sometimes pick them up on eBay, although be sure to have anything you see on there authenticated here first !
  5. I picked up a great one on eBay about six weeks ago. Good luck! :tup: They really are a must-have!!
  6. I would suggest calling NMLC stores, I have been pretty lucky with the ones in Florida. I remember Sawgrass Mills having a whiskey Edith satchel for $829, NMLC Allen (in Texas) had one as well for $765.

    Good luck!
  7. thanks for the tips, ladies! i will follow those leads. :smile: