Where can I find a Tokidoki L'amore L'amore Stellina

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  1. Does anyone know where (besides Ebay) I can find a Where can I find a Tokidoki L'amore L'amore Stellina and what is the retail price of them. It looks something like this....

    Thanks in advance.

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  2. i think very very hard... the last time i saw them was last July at Taipei International Airport...
  3. This print has been discontinued. Maybe your best place to find it is the bay. It retails for $130. I have one that I love. The style is just so practical . Hope that you can find one soon.
  4. like julicrystal says, its discontinued so you wont find it in any of the stores, I know when I lived in Hawaii they had some go to the lesportsac outlet in O'ahu- any hawaii toki tpf'ers have the scoop?

    other than that, it would have to be from the bay or craigslist, but beware of fakes! there are TONS!
  5. I saw this print in Cucciolo. It is available at Singapore LeSportsac outlet but it is quite expensive though, SG$230, roughly US$153...
  6. Thanks, I had no idea it was discontinued.
  7. Tokidoki Lover: the waikele outlet here in hawaii has been cleaned out of tokidoki for awhile now... :sad: the last i ever saw at the outlet was pirata? i think
  8. Oh really? I thought they are all wiped out long time ago. Which outlet did you see this?
  9. I saw it in Suntec LeSportsac. You can check it out. They have quite a few Arancia pieces in zucca, hp pouch, canguro, gioco and bambino.