Where can I find a Stam Hobo?

  1. Hi MJ chickies!!!
    I am wondering if anyone has seen any Stam Hobos around lately, or would know where I could find one?
    Preferably not black; I love the mouse, taupe, browns, etc.
  2. meeeee too! But I'm looking for a black one...preferably discounted but I doubt I can find one for cheap.
  3. I was in Bloomingdale's a few days ago and they had some.

  4. Really??? Which Bloomingdales? I want to call them!
    They were the hobos, and not the regular stams? Do you remember which colors they had?
  5. I saw a black one on eBay this morning - you'll want to confirm it's authentic first though :smile:
  6. Thank you so much, iluvmybags!
    They are both great!!!
  7. Post this in the authentication thread before you bid. I was looking at it and thought it looked great, but then noticed that the quilting does not line up on the sides! Doesn't this seem weird?!? :confused1:
  8. bu <op> p ;)

  9. Huh???
  10. Hi all! After no luck searching online for the Stam Hobo, I need all the MJ expert help I can get with locating this bag! Has anyone seen this bag recently? or are they all sold out at stores already? Looking for black, mouse or cashew. Thanks!!
  11. ^ ohhh...I meant to write bring up original posters post LOL...
    (I was looking for one too)
  12. I called the MJ store and they said it was a eluxury exclusive.....so tracking one down is next to impossible it seems.....I hope to find one in the next year or two...there was a cashew one on ebay just recently...believe it sold for $750. I also saw the black and mouse - but I truly believe those were fakes...so...this bag has been faked so be careful in your search :smile: For me, I really want the Mouse color!
  13. Thanks for the caution on ebay, lovekoobabags! So mad that I didn't get my hands on this when it went on sale on eluxury! Hopefully MJ will make more soon. Good luck on your search, the Mouse color is very nice, that color is on top of my list too:smile: