Where can I find a silver B bag?

  1. I have to confess that I'm quite new to B bags though I always love Balenciaga fashion.

    However, I've just developed a passion for B bag recently and now I regret sooooooo much to have missed many of its classic designs!:sad:

    I'm very into silver bags right now and the thread regarding the metallic B bags definitely has pushed me further and now I desperately want to have a metallic silver B bag (I truly love the small motorcycle)! :idea:

    I found one on vogueland, but as many people on tPF have pointed out, the website is probably not legit. Hence who can tell me where to get a metallic silver B bag?? Many thanks! :heart:
  2. i think your best bet would be on eBay. maybe someone else knows more??
  3. Hi vbskull, thanks for your advice. I did go through eBay, however, they only have one silver B bag, and it's not the style I desire.:sad:
  4. Try adding "balenciaga pewter" to your favorite searches, and eBay will email you all the matches as they are posted. You may have to wait a little while, but they do pop up from time to time.
  5. gemibebe, there's a Mini Twiggy in Pewter currently on eBay, and it's going for a really good price. That might be something to consider. Also, since you're new to Bbags, make sure to bump Bbags you're eyeing on eBay or other auctions against the Authenticate This! thread. That way, you'll be sure of bidding on an authentic Bbag.

    Good luck in your search!
  6. Hi hippiechic and monsoon88, thank you both for your suggestions! Pewter is a great metallic color as well, however, I think it's not the same as metallic silver? Somehow I feel that pewter is darker, more like steel, while the metallic silver I set my eyes on are much brighter. Nevertheless, I'll keep on searching and will be very careful about the authenticity issue.
  7. The Pewter (from the '04/05 Holiday Collection) is very nice, but it IS NOT the same as the Silver/Argent which is from the 2005 Metallics collection (BTW - the Silver/Argent is also referred to as "Beige/Sabbia"). The Pewter is much darker.

    So, if you are looking for the Silver/Argent bag, you're best bet would be to keep on checking eBay (or some of the consigment websites) ... BUT ... before you buy, make sure to have your fellow tPF members take a look at the bag to make sure that you're not spending your hard-earned cash on a FAKE!!!

    Good luck ...
  8. You can find one somewhere in the Los Angeles Customs or USPS systems! :sad: I bought an 05 silver first from an inerternational seller, it arrived in the US on 2/15, and now NOBODY seems to know where it is! Tracking info just says that it arrived at US customs in LA on 2/15. Don't know why more sellers don't use FedEx or UPS instead of the postal services! Luckily the package is insured, but I so want my silver first!!!!! :hysteric:
  9. I own a 2005 Silver/argent metallic balenciaga in the box style. I just love it! It's gorgeous!
  10. Here is a pic of my peweter on a blue background and a red background:

  11. AMEN to that; I 100% totally agree!!!! Unless I am FORCED to, I will NOT use the USPS as I have had the contents of parcels outright STOLEN, even though I sent certified/registered & with insurance!!! Not only did those :cursing: [blankety-blanks] steal the contents, they wouldn't HONOR the claim that I submitted ... and I'm not talking a few dollars here (both parcels had items in them over $2000!).

    The old adage of "you get what you pay for ..." really applies here!
  12. rocco, i'm quite literally drooling over your pewter bags! one of these days i'll find a pewter bag in a style that i like...

  13. love the pewter... and yes i agree the best place to find one would be on ebay
  14. I found my Pewter First on eBay as well - BUT - I was doing daily searches MANY times per day. Eventually one came up and I snatched it! :biggrin: Just keep on looking, one is bound to come up at some point.
  15. I am so sad, I think I will be covered by PayPal and eBay but the money isn't the half of it! I want the bag! I am hoping a miracle will occur and it will arrive any day now! :yes: