Where can I find a Sienna in Raisin

  1. I've been looking everywhere for one, but am hesitant to try eBay due to the incredible amount of fakes. Any suggestions of where I can find one?
  2. Unfortunately, eBay will be your best bet... just be sure to have it authenticated here before you buy.

    You could also check consignment sites like Ann's Fabulous Finds, but you'll pay more there than you will on eBay. Good luck!
  3. clu0984 - I just started using my Sienna in Raisin and every day I love it more! The color is wonderful and the bag is so comfortable to wear. I have already received a bunch of compliments. I got mine from Bluefly a few months ago. There is one on ebay. It looks good to me.....
  4. I agree - eBay will be your best bet. That leather and color wasn't faked, I gotta tell you. I've also got to be BRUTALLY honest with you here on this bag but I couldn't GIVE that darn thing away - it was made so badly compared to the other Siennas in the past and I was not the only one complaining about the problems. For whatever reason, they had a strange production problem with the whipstitching and these pebbled Siennas were infamous for fraying and separating whipstitching......and my husband said it looked like rhino skin.
    Now if you're comparing it to the older smoother leather Siennas, it's true....but I cannot express my love enough for the perfect shape of the Sienna. I think it's my all-time favorite Kooba style made - even more than the Lucy....
  5. Hmmm... didn't realize quality was an issue. I have a nutmeg (?) Koooba with the smoother leather and love that thing so much. I just wanted another darker color.
  6. Raisin's a beauty! So are the espressos or teaks......I love the big heavy leather......Koobalover mentioned Ann's, I've never been there, she's got a red Sienna, very nice too....$350.
  7. The red Sienna is a fake - they never made red Siennas.
  8. I bought a Raisin Sienna at Bluefly also. I really am attracted to the distressed leather. Went back and bought a Bourbon Sienna.

    It's great we have all different tastes or we would be buying the same handbag! :rolleyes:

    So keep a watchful eye out at Bluefly if you would like buy something you have the option of returning.
  9. There's some Raisins at BlueFly right now @ $375.