Where can I find a RM MA Royal/Brown Basketweave?

  1. I hope Im posting this in the right spot!

    Im looking to purchace this bag - but AFAIK its not made anymore? Can anyone point me in the right direction?

  2. If you're in NYC, I would suggest actually going to funkylala's store - i went a few days ago and it's a really cute store AND they have champagne and cupcakes and the bag you want is there.
  3. Is this it here at Revolve?? The description calls it "Blue/Wicker" - it looks the same as the first pic @ funkylala, but its not bright like the "Royal" I know. I asked the girls on MUA, and they said this (Revolve) is not the Royal/Basketweave.

  4. I saw it at the Rosevelt Field Bloomingdales in Garden City, NY last night.
  5. I just called Rosevelt Field and they told me they dont carry Rebecca Minkoff bags (?????) : /
  6. Use the website funkylala! Good luck!
  7. I saw it yesterday IRL at Bloomingdale's South Coast Plaza in CA. It was on sale I can't remember the price.
  8. Funkylala does indeed have the bag you are looking for but be careful because the pictures for the bag show the royal blue with brown basketweave and also the blue with brown wicker. They are two totally different bags, and I am unsure as to why they have both pictures for the same item. Just be sure to ask them which bag is the one they are selling!
    rebecca_minkoff_morning_after_royal_basketweave1.jpg basket-weave.jpg