Where can I find a red bag?

  1. I've looked all over and I see brown, tan, and black. Where are all the red bags hiding? And other bright colors?
  2. There are some Carminio ones on Bluefly. They were from FW07.
  3. I'm not sure where you are and what BV options you have IRL, or what specific item you are looking for, but online I know there are currently some red (and the Resort 07/08 deep pink rosso) items at Bluefly, at some reputable eBay Sellers (I think there are both medium and large Venetas in the wonderful red from Fall/Winter 07 carmino - for example), and I also noticed the bright Resort 07/08 colours (Rosso, the bright yellow Moutarde and the bright blue Oceano) all showed up recently at Diabro.net (although I don't know anything about that site or whether people have had good or bad experiences there). And I think one of the Saks, Neiman Marcus and Net-a-Porter sites had some of the bright Resort colours last time I checked, but I get the three mixed up so I can't quite remember which one! So the red and bright colours are out there somewhere!
  4. Now that's a comprehensive answer!
  5. Thanks Bookermoose. I searched all those spots (and more lol). The only red bags on Bluefly are not hobos but messenger or handheld.
    I did find some pretty pink in the S/S 08 catalogue on the BV site. And some gorgeous metalics.
    The carmino is gorgeous! I would love that in a ball or pyramind.
  6. Definitely keep checking Bluefly - they have had a carmino Ball there on and off quite a bit the past month or so. I'm not sure the Pyramid came in carmino, however...
  7. sunspark, BF had a beautiful large red veneta till two days ago. Keep checking...another may show up. NAP has the new red metallic tote...it's quite shiny IRL.
  8. Sunspark - I don't know where you are located. But they still have the carmino colour in BV, Emirates Towers, Dubai and in the Bottega Veneta concession in Harvey Nichols Dubai. There was a carmino medium sized campana on sale a week or so ago in the Emirates towers store.
  9. I am in the middle of nowhere lol, the border between Canada and WA. I think Mars is closer than Dubai.
  10. I think you might be right! :s
  11. I was in San Francisco over the weekend and I'm pretty sure I saw a carmino BV (I think it was the new ball bag) at Neiman's or maybe it was Saks. I wasn't looking for this bag but the bright red caught my eye and made me stop in my tracks...

    If you call Neiman's ask for Peggy at (415) 362-3900 x 2166.
  12. Hgbags on ebay had some - you can also pm her - she is a pfer.
  13. ^I actually bought Hg's lg Veneta in Crimson and am impatiently waiting for it's arrival. What color is crimson though? Hg's colors are sort of "off" in her pics, like taken in flourescent lighting, and I can't tell the true color. She said it wasn't carmino or cassis, but a red with more blue undertones.
  14. I was wondering who got that beauty - I was lusting over it. I know there is a new spring red with blue undertones - almost a pinky red. Gorgeous! Maybe it's ^^ that ? Congrats!
  15. I would describe carmino as red with blue undertones, but if it isn't carmino then it will be most interesting to see what it is when it arrives!