Where can I find a place would ship toki's to Hawaii?...

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  1. Does anyone know if any place in the mainland would ship Tokidoki bags to Hawaii?...I know alot of places don't...but if you know of any places can you please let me know?
  2. they are not allowed to. Only place you can go is LJ, and eBay other than just going ot the stores here.
  3. None of the stores are allowed to ship here to Hawaii because of a contractual agreement. The LeSportsac's here are franchised and are not associated with the mainland LeSportsac corporation. With it being a franchise here, they'd obviously lose money if we could get the same bag for less money from elsewhere.
  4. Thanks USarmywife, and Maya!...that really sucks though...I guess that's why hawaii can jackup their price...hehe...oh wells...
  5. Well, it's not just LeSportsac that has marked up prices in Hawaii... Coach is marked up by a whopping 20% here, and almost every other big designer is marked up because of the tourists that come to buy the merchandise. Tourism is great for the economy but sucks for us. *lol*
  6. That's very true...I agree with you, Maya...Thank God for the coach, and lesportsac outlets...:tup:
  7. I L-O-V-E the Coach outlet. It's two minutes away from my parents house in Waikele. I was there almost every day when I was living there, and I still go almost weekly when I visit my parents and pick up important mail. Love, love, love the Coach outlet. Hehe. I haven't really gone to the LeSportsac outlet since they ran out of OP stuff... There's just nothing I'm in need of from tokidoki right now. Haha.