Where can I find a Pewter Weekender?

  1. Hey guyz,

    I can't seem to find one..it's sooo hard! I noticed one on eBay just now but the seller is only selling for $1599 USD or more... she won't lower the price...:sweatdrop:

    I think that's a bit too pricey...

    anyone see one elsewhere? Please let me know! TIA!
  2. your best bet is eBay as they are quite rare - made in 05 i think - there was one on a couple of weeks ago but it went for ove $1.5k - its prolly cos they are so rare and so many want one!
  3. The bag is extremely rare and you won't be able to find it anywhere but eBay. The seller is an AMAZING person who happens to be a PFer.
  4. Totally leaving aside who the seller might be, I would expect an authentic new or nearly new WE in a rare (really rare, not just desired) color to go for over retail. Just the way of the market. Very used and showing it would be different. JMO.:tup:
  5. I look at eBay on an everyday basis and I can definitely say that pewter bags in general are very rare. Trying to get a particular style in good condition makes that quest even more difficult. You'll need to decide how much you are willing to spend and decide whether this bag is worth it.
  6. Currently i saw one on ebay....i think it's hard to come across this in WE style esp in pewter color....i guess it's still worth getting it even though the price is slightly high...also it's a rare & collectable item, the seller also knows it's value of the bbag which we can understand...don't let this opportunity goes by or else u will have to wait for another time which u won't know when will that be!
  7. Also, if i have more $$, i will definitely get that.....:smile:
  8. the bag on ebay right now is TDF - so totally gorgeous and pristine. it would be a steal at the price it's listed at and i can't believe she is letting it go!

    wish i had the extra cash, that baby is amazing:drool: