Where can I find a Pewter Elisha on sale?

  1. Any suggestions/spottings? I will sing your praises if you can help me locate one for a deal/slight deal off retail. Thanks...please help...I'm in love LOL:heart:
  2. I'll vouch for the middle one.
  3. Me too... :smile:
  4. Ladies!!!

    Saks sent me a 20% off coupon through email today and I was able to order this today (after posting about this last night). Plus, as a SaksFirst member I got free shipping.
    I'm so happy. I paid less than eBay actually!! :yahoo:
  5. YEAH! Congrats! Post pics when it comes!
  6. i am looking for this bag on sale as well. and i bit annoyed that i am a SAKSfirst member and have not received a 20% off!
  7. I just found one at a boutique in CA on Grechen's Codes, part of Grechen's Closet website. The store is solamia.com and the code for 20% off is SFFREE20. The other one listed doesn't work. If you are not a CA resident, there's no tax and it's free ground shipping. I normally shop at NM, but with tax, this bag would have cost me around $610. I got it through Sol A Mia for $460! Not bad for a great bag in a hot new color!