Where can I find a Mulberry Rosemary?

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  1. Hey girls! I'm new to the Mulberry forum and I had a question to ask...
    I'm on a mission to find a Mulberry Rosemary in Oak (or Chocolate)... does Mulberry even make Rosemary's anymore?? I looked on their site and they only have Roxanne's...

    Thanks for your help!
  2. Hi dazed and welcome to the forum :smile:

    Not sure where you live, but I think your best bet would be one of the outlets (Bicester, Cheshire Oaks or York) or possibly more likely, from the factory shop at Shepton Mallet. I haven't been to any of them for a while, so not sure if the've been around recently. You could always give them a call. I'm hoping that you're in the UK, as they don't ship overseas sadly.

    Failing that, there are a handful of ebay sellers that a few of us are happy to recommend. If you spot one on ebay make sure to post it on the 'authenticate' thread, so that our resident experts can check it out for you first :tup: Good luck!
  3. I haven't seen an oak or choc rosemary at the outlets for ages. But they do turn up on ebay from time to time.
  4. I don't think that Rosemarys have been made for quite some time now. I would imagine that they are getting rarer in the outlets for that reason.
  5. Goegeous new Whippet picture!!!!
  6. aw thanks! He was snoozing in the sun this morning on my son's bed ... I just had to take a little picture!
  7. Thanks for the help everyone! Unfortunately, I live in the US so I guess I'll have to keep an eye out for one on eBay. :sad:
  8. they do pop up quite frequently, esp in oak (haven't seen a choc one for a while) ... as alycat said, just get it checked out on the authenticate thread.

    I was using mine today, they're such a good size and weight.

    Let us know how you get on. There's a few rosemary fans around here!
  9. There is a chocolate one on ebay at the moment - do get it authenticated first though.
  10. Is there? I can't find it, maybe I'm being daft?:confused1:
  11. It is listed as a baby roxanne, i put roxanne in search and that was included!
  12. They often come up under the Roxanne search. People either think they can sell them better with that assocation or simply don't seem to know the difference!

    I like mine but find the outside pockets too small to be very useful (won't fit my phone for one thing). It doesn't get much use for that reason.
  13. Thanks, found it! I do like the rosemary, not too big & heavy. Such a shame they stopped making them :shrugs:
  14. Good luck on your Rosemary hunt Dazed. Do let us know if you manage to track one down.
    I have never seen a Rosemary in RL but they look v. cute.
  15. I love Mulberry Rosemarry too, I have one in black and I bought it at Neiman Marcus..now it's sitting prettily in my bag closet.

    I like the Rosemary better than the Roxanne because it's less bulky.
    Looks the same but the mini-er version..