Where can I find a Mombasa?

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  1. I've recently become obsessed with this bag!!! Does anyone know where I can find it online? I looked at NM and Saks, but neither of their websites seem to carry it. Any help would be appreciated!
  2. got a mombasa two months ago had the same dilemma as you dont know where to look for one. actually mombasa's are available in ysl stores, check it out, I bought mine at a ysl store mombasa is part of their regular line. Its one amazing bag i so love mine!
  3. Ohh great! I didn't know that is was still being produced. Can you tell me how much it is?
  4. There always seems to be various Mombasa's available whenever I go into a YSL boutique. I think its pretty much a permanent part of their collection.

    Here is my mink/suede Mombasa. It was $1285 when I purchased it a year ago.
  5. fire eye i think i paid more than $800 for this bag i cant remember exactly how much here a pic of my dark brown mombasa, hope you find yours
  6. My favorite bag. I have the same as kaka.
  7. sometimes you can find them at bluefly and on eBay
  8. i am a proud mambosa ower too, i would have to say its one of my favorite bag to this day. I got mine at the YSL store, they were having a sale , got mine for about $400+ but it's the longer, narrower one.. sorry no picture.. but try it at the store! u will love it! (they have the new metal-wired shaped -horn one instead of the real horn, I prefer the real horn)
  9. I was just in Neimans @ Mall at Millenia (Orlando) and I saw one there. I think it was black.

    Sorry, I can't remember that much about it b/c I was drooling :drool: over Ms. Rive Gauche.
  10. I have a black patent leather mombasa. I purchased it at the YSL boutique. Try a boutique or call NM. I have seen a few YSL's from the mombasa collection at NM every now and then.:yes:
  11. Thanks everyone! I saw one in black that I really wanted on the Luxury site, but by the time I had the money it was taken. But if anyone still wants one, there is still another Mombasa on that site. It is brown-reddish color, and has a wide body.
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