Where can I find a Miu Miu Coffer now?

  1. hey ladies! So, I've been drooling over the Miu Miu "Coffer" for many months now:drool:, and I know that the bag came out almost a year ago. So I'm wondering if anyone knows where I can get one at this point (if they are even still available.) My 1st choice (colorwise) would definately be black suede or black leather! Thanks for your help! Ahhhh, I :heart: this bag!!!!!
  2. I thought the Saks website had it on there in black recently...
  3. they should still be available, saw it @ the miu miu boutique just now
  4. I saw some at Saks in PA...1-610-667-1550 ext 258..ask for Donna
  5. Does the Coffer come in black suede? I've never seen one, but sure would like one! ;)
  6. i saw a coffer in the dark forrest green color, is there a correct color name for it? i want to call up the boutiques in the US regarding its availability.

  7. Styledrops has the dark green one on their website. It looks wonderful!! Let us know if you get one (pics)!! ;)
  8. The original suede one - is that the same one now being sold on NAP? I'm looking for that style/color. Can you buy the original suede color in stores now, and if so where? Thanks girls!
  9. oh how sweet of you, thank you for locating the bag in green.

    styledrops seems to be selling the bag at a slightly higher price. maybe i should take advantage of the buy NTD10,000 get NTD1,000 gift certificate promotion that many department stores are offering here in Taiwan.

    the coffer is selling at NTD$43,500, which is about USD$1,300.

    thanks again miu2!!! :heart:
  10. No problem! PLEASE send pics if you get it, I have been dying to see one (other than the stock photos). :yes: