Where can i find a miroir speedy?

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  1. I just got myself a miroir lockit but find it too small for me, does anybody where I can get a speedyin good condition?

  2. eBay ...I guess:shame:

    or may be ...let trade...they've in once in a while.
  3. ^^Yup, those are the best bets.
  4. I want one also jsg, good luck!
  5. I would love a silver mirror speedy
  6. the thing abt eBay is that im kinda worried it might be a fake one... they might show authentic pics and send me a fake one... it already happened to me so Im learning from it.
  7. agree with other, eBay is the only one ;)
  8. i want one as well. ebay is our only option or that anna something find site.
  9. ^^^Ebay isn't the only option, Let-trade does get them as well. Good luck everyone!