where can i find a mirage speedy 30?

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  1. i been looking around and around and it seem i cannot find at least a reasonable price for the bag? Its harder and harder to find!! if you have seen this some where around for sale msg me!! im carzy in love with this bag!!

  2. Yoogi's closet has had several pop up over the last 6 - 9 months, all in "like new" condition and price at or near $2200.00 usd. Also, Bonanza (formerly Bonanzle), Fashionphile, Malleries are all good places to check daily as this is where I typically see them. Just make sure you have them authenticated here before buying.
  3. Keep checking EBAY - there are 2 in Noir listed now and AuthenticLVLady seller is going to post a bordeaux one soon as I just cancelled my oder for it so it should be re-listed, by the way, she will take $1950.00 for it or possibly less