Where can I find a M Kors Venus Shopper?

  1. I've checked out various department stores and websites and the signature and leather versions had been on dramatic sale but all sold out, all colors. Of course I'm checking eBay but only finding buyers who picked up this bag on sale at a high-end store for just over $100 (retail over $400). I really would like to find a great deal so I can buy this bag to add to my addictive MK collection.

    I'm a newbie here and would appreciate any hints on how to go about finding a discontinued or off-season bag, which I'm assuming this is? I would like to review the forums on this site listing purses for sale and wanted, but even after a post or two, I'm still listed as privae.

    Any hints for a newbie? Addicted to his bag ;) Thanks!
  2. Don't know if you checked out your local TJMaxx stores. I seem to find MK bags there all the time. Good luck!
  3. I've forgotten to try the local TJMaxx etc. Now I remember a friend saying they saw an MK at Ross. TJMaxx in our area seems to have the best selection and organized well. Thanks for the reminder! So disappointed, it's on Neiman's site for $107 and I just checked with an online associate and it is indeed sold out :sad: A little too late, but still looking.
  4. Yes, I've seen MK pochettes at Ross, too on markdown to $34. I don't know what the bag you want looks like. Can you post pics and then I can keep an eye out for it?
  5. Good idea, Mayajuliana. Here's the link to the Michael Kors website where it's no longer available. Was originally $428, reduced to $150 at Michael Kors and I've seen it close to $107 elsewhere, still not available! It was available in both his MK signature style as well as the three color choices in pebble leather. It always has the same braided top handle with rings. I like all of the styles, probably prefer the pebble leather since I already have a few signature MK bags.

  6. Seems like I have seen styles from this same collection at Loehmann's as well - good luck!

  7. Thanks for the tip, greenpixie!