Where can I find a little Stam or Kid on sale?

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  1. I'm really eager to get my hands on a little Stam or Kid - has anyone seen them on sale anywhere that will ship to Canada? Which one do you think is more "classic" - patchwork or quilted? And do they pop up on eBay frequently?

    I was so close at winning the black patchwork little Stam on eBay :crybaby:... too bad I had to go to work today!

  2. you should call Barneys....i think they just has a sale on kids for like 512$ and i think the baby stams were cheaper.
  3. I don't think Barney's ships to Canada :tdown:
    ... that would have been a great deal!
  4. well if you call barneys and they have it put it on hold....then call nordies to price match...i think nordies ships to canada....
  5. :crybaby:

    I think my only hope is eBay, or possibly NM or Saks if they carry it!
  6. well maybe NM or saks will price match? the kid is on sale ans i think one sale at NM and saks too....so they'll likely be willing to price match.....i'll keep my fingers crossed for you
  7. ^ Thanks Aggie! I dont think NM or Saks has the bag online...

    Or should I get the Teal Mayfair? I'm IN LOVE with the teal color, but not sure about how functional the Mayfair is. I think it would be a better day bag compared to the Stam.... ahhh, what to do?!

    What do you think guys - Stam or Mayfair? I hope it's still on sale when I make up my mind!
  8. i have both of them and i must tell you.....the stam is a classic it's definetely better to get the stam than the mayfair, although the mayfair is a great bag
  9. I'm confused. I thought the Kid and little Stam were one and the same? How are they different? :heart::heart:
  10. Little Stam vs. The Kid

  11. I'm not sure if it is still there but the Saks in Denver had a plum Kid on sale. You might want to call them ASAP tomorrow morning. Good luck!
  12. Nordstrom ships internationally, you just have to call them. Good luck