Where can I find a listing of Coach Outlet Locations?

  1. Does anyone know where I can find listings of where exactly Coach Outlets are located? I'm currently in Texas so those in my area would be preferred. I know there is one in San Marcus area, but I heard there was one in the Corpus Christie area as well.

    HELP! I ordered the Med Lily for my fiance, but she found out about it. Long story short I'd like to pick something up from the Outlet as a Christmas surprise.
  2. Go to the outlet thread as posted above but there are currently 3 in TX: San Marcos, Mercedes, and Round Rock...
  3. Oct.11 they opened outlet mall not listed in west Texas. El Paso, love the Coach store.
  4. Thanks so much ladies. I appreciate the heads up/information.

    Now all I have to do is call them during business hours today without her hearing/finding out.......lol.
  5. cool. That one's not listed on outletbound yet. Too far for me though :crybaby: