Where can I find a listing of all designs of enamel bangles past/present...

  1. ...or does it even exist? I searched through all of tPF, but can't find anything. I'd love to know what designs came out when, what colors they were/are available in, etc. Thanks :heart:
  2. This is a brill idea, I've never seen one and have wanted it. You'd have to enlist the research staff at the mothership, 24, Faubourg St.-H, I believe, unless someone has done this just for fun already (hope hope hope).
  3. I would love to know as well and I have looked for it but not found anything. The only real reference I've seen is in poupidou13s listings on eBay as she lists the original scarfs designer and the name/year of the scarf the bracelet was designed from. It's one of the reasons I stalk her auctions, lol.
  4. I would love to see something like this as well, maybe in the reference section - containing only photos and descriptions...would help me plan out what to buy next:rolleyes:
  5. Great idea smallfry!