Where can I find a large Coco Cabas in Black Vinyl?

  1. I saw a woman in Neiman's recently with a Chanel vinyl Coco Cabas and I flipped over it! Does anyone know where I can find one of these? I have called several big name stores in NY, LA and West Palm Beach, but nobody has any. Appreciate any info you may have!!:happydance:
  2. I can still see some lying on eBay and Y! Auctions hk if you can't find it anywhere in the boutiques anymore. :smile:

  3. Thanks! I haven't looked on eBay because of all the fakes that are on there and I'm not sure I would know the difference on this bag as I am not that well-versed on Chanel bags.
    I will check it out on there though. :0) :tup:
  4. once in a blue moon they pop up at retail stores (i know jag recently posted that one was available at the troy Neiman Marcus but it was snatched up immediately).
  5. Try getting to know a SA at a Chanel boutique and they should be able to do the work and hunt one down for you.
  6. You should keep calling! they will find one for you!
  7. good luck in your search! I haven't seen them around lately but it's always a possibility, I got mine thru a return.
  8. I actually just saw one by chance at Cusp at Westfield Century City this past Saturday. You may want to call right now. Good luck!!:tup:

    Now only if I can find the denim coco cabas...:confused1:

  9. There's a denim cabas on

    Item # 14032
  10. Saks in Boca had one last week, it was the HUGE one.
  11. ^denim not vinyl....:push: