Where can I find a kate spade elyce nylon planner?

  1. Hi everyone! Ive been looking and looking for a kate spade elyce nylon planner but I cant find one anywhere other than eBay. Does anyone know of a good website or store that might have them, maybe even for a discount? TIA I dont know why its been so hard to locate them, they arent on the kate spade website anymore for some reason. :sad:
  2. You should try calling Macy's or Bloomingdale's.
  3. I found mine at off the 5th. I love mine, hope you find one.

    You also might want to call the Kate Spade outlet.
  4. There is a Kate Spade outlet in Wrentham, Ma, USA. i think i saw one there for $150? They have a ton of reduced Kate Spade in perfect shape!
  5. I found some kate spade planners at marshalls. you should try looking there if you're near one.
  6. tj too! ive seen lots of them on clearance for 50 bucks