Where can I find a Jillian modeling pic?

  1. There wasn't one in the reference thread. Does anyone know where I can find a pic of someone modeling a Jillian? Thanks!!!!
  2. Whew...took me forever to find this but this is Providence Chick's Jillian. Looks great on her!

  3. I just love the look of the Jillian.
    This pic might help as well....
    Kooba Jillian - Bourbon.jpg
  4. I just LOVE that bag!!
  5. Thanks sooo much!! I want a Bourbon Jillian in a very bad way.
  6. [​IMG]Hey guys!

    I've been so busy this summer, but I'm particularly in love with my jillian. She has gotton sooooo smooshy and comfortable. I would reccomend this bag to anyone! I uploaded some more pics of her. I hope they help!



  7. Oh sweet lord....that bag is beyond beautiful and you look fantastic with it! Thank you so much for those pics! I have GOT to sell some stuff to fund a Jillian asap!!!
  8. No problem! I have 3 koobas and she is MY BABY!!! Seriously, the best bag ever. So comfy, and I recieve at least one compliment a day. bourbon is the way to go. I got mine at the sample sale for 175!
  9. ^^lucky!!
  10. Gosh, all of these lovely pics make me lust for a Jillian....and I already have one!!! I guess that is a sign of a really really good bag. When everytime you see it you want to buy it all over again.

    Lori, what color are you wanting? I have the black and I had the sand but sold it because I always gravitate towards my Black bag. But the Bourbon is gorgeous. I was lucky to find a Bourbon Ada at a good price so I have that.


    Jillian Bottom.JPG

    jillian side.JPG
  11. Providencechick, I don't know what's more gorgeous you or your Jillian - great photos!

    I can't wait to get my hands on the two Jillians I ordered from Revolve Clothing's recent sale. I ordered sand and bourbon. I'll get them in August or September, when my friend returns to Saudi Arabia with them. It can't come soon enough.
  12. Every single darn time I see PC with that Jillian, I think "I've got to get that bag". I really do. You look wonderful with it PC!
  13. I know......... :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:
  14. I know, Compass Rose, I want one too!
  15. I want a Bourbon. I completely stopped using credit cards about 6 months ago and I no longer dip into my savings for handbag purchases. So until I save up the actual cash amount, I can't have a Jillian. I've got some stuff I need to sell on eBay, I think it would cover the cost. I just have to get off my lazy butt and take pics!