Where can i find a japanese LV bible ?

  1. hi guys,

    Saw a japanese LV bible inside the bag of a PF member on the "show me what's inside your bag thread" and i realy want to know where can i find something like that ! (i live in Europe).

    Thanks for any informations. :smile:

  2. Fred:

    Check eBay- thats where I purchased mine. under Louis Vuitton catalogs:flowers:
  3. thank you ladies ... much appreciated !

  4. thanks, i spent the better part of last night trying to locate it with no luck!
  5. I love these books! My brother got me some in Japan! Hope you find some soon =)
  6. I got mine from a local Kinokuniya bookstore. If you don't have one in your area, then your best bet is eBay :smile:
  7. fred, you are talking about those mini books, right?

    i got some in japan, rest were sent to me by my fam still in japan..... ebay might be the best place.... good luck!
    DSC05609.JPG DSC05503.JPG DSC05504.JPG
  8. ^^ its this book

  9. theyre everywhere. a lot on ebay..
  10. ^^^^ feel free to post a link when you find one please.
  11. There seems to be less on ebay now. About a year ago, there were plenty! Bag Fetish, do a search for "vuitton bible" or "lv bible" and check out the BIN/store items, there's a few there. I don't see any running auctions for them though :shrugs: