where can i find a heart shaped clutch?

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  1. i'm looking for a red heart shaped clutch to go with my halloween costume and i have no idea where to look. do any of you ladies know where i could go to find one? ideally, i dont want to spend that much money since i'm only going to be using the clutch for one night. ideal color would be red but i'm ok with white or silver too. thanks!
  2. you could probably find one at a halloween store or walmart even
  3. I agree with lin, try walmart or even a tj maxx or marshalls. The cheapest one online I could find was this. Good luck!
  4. thanks everyone for the suggestions. i will try to go to one of the suggested stores and take a look next week.
  5. Oh, these are sooo cute!! I love the rose, but the pink crystal is gorgeous too!!