Where can I find a guinevere?

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  1. Love this bag!! Does anyone know where I can purchase this bag online?

  2. I doubt it's available online except for ebay or a consignment website. This is an older style and was at the outlets last summer so it's definitely not in stores anymore. The only other place that may have it would be the MJ boutique, but you'd have to pay full price for it. Good luck!
  3. I've recently seen a few nice ones on ebay - I have this and love it!
  4. Thithi - when you say outlets - what exactly do you mean? MJ outlets? Store sales? Thanks!
  5. ^ I forgot about bluefly!

    Outlets such as Nordstrom Rack, Off 5th, and NM Last Call. Some sightings of MJs have also been at TJ Maxx at select stores. Online websites include bluefly.com, smartbargains.com, and overstock.com. Definitely be careful though, after you receive the bag confirm authenticity because these locations can sometimes carry fakes due to bait and switch or unreliable third party sellers.
  6. FYI...the Bluefly Guinevere is 20% off today ($768). It is a beautiful bag!