Where can I find a Gucci Indy?

  1. Does anyone know where I can find an Indy? Monogram with brown leather trim, Large? I have looked at nm.com , Saks.com, and gucci.com and they only have the leather. Any other ideas? :shame:
  2. hmmmm..... I wonder if they arent making it anymore? I found one at my local gucci store but im sure its gone by now.. So i started looking online and havent seen 1 of them. :crybaby:
  3. Dunno if the outlets might have it....?
  4. I called Gucci store near my area around October, they discontinued it the SA told me ): i was muchooooooooo sad
  5. This morning my dear sweet husband actually went back to that same mall (an hour away) to see if they still had that 1 left and THEY DID!!!! He brought it home to me and said it was my "valentines Day" present :love:

    What a suprise!!! I am uber excited and I LOVE IT!!!!
  6. Congrats!! Are you gonna post pictures??
  7. I will =)
  8. congratulations, im glad everything worked out for you. Please post pics so we can all see!!!
  9. Congrats! What a sweet hubby!
  10. Yay! I wish my hubby was that nice haha. I need to sneak things by him.
  11. Well this morning I was loading her up to take her with me and I noticed a few snags on the flap part of the bag (on the canvas) i dont know if im being to picky or not but it bugs me and for $2800 it bugs me even more... I dont know, im thinking about returning it for something else (I know this was the last one so an exchange is not an option)
  12. What about the leather one? i have it in medium w/guccissima corners. I got it for $1820 reg price.
  13. OMG!! What an awesome husband. Def. a keeper. congrats!!!!
  14. How horrible. i'm so sorry. Hope you end up happy with whatever you decide to do.