Where can i find a GUCCI HORSEBIT HOBO

  1. Hello, I have been trying to find a gucci horsebit hobo in medium, in brown or black leather for a long time and can't find one at a decent price!!
  2. Gucci has their sale twice a year and sometimes they do have classic style on sale. If you can't find any at a decent price, I'd wait til December/January when Gucci has the winter sale and see if you can find one for cheaper.
  3. Brown and black leather are in their classics collection so I doubt they would be on sale?!
  4. Yah that's what I figured, but I mean are there even any other sites to find them on besides gucci I can't find them.
  5. :idea: I see! I know styledrops.com carries Gucci, but I'm not sure that the prices are lower, I wuld be very wary of ebay, there are so many fakes of this bag!
  6. :graucho: I would be very leary of ebay as well..Although I was lucky and fianlly found an authentic one and only bought it after It was authenticated here...I saw lots and lots of them...lots of fake! I know it is still available on the website....I've been drooling over it for ever..I did end up buying the guccissima wallet through Gucci to match the purse...Couldn't find it any where else for a better price...The one I ordered on Bluefly was damaged so I had to send it back...Good luck! :heart: Emmy
  7. Have you tried a gucci outlet?
  8. Where would I find an outlet if I live in ottawa ontario :biggrin:
  9. gucci outlets are only in italy!

    or so i've heard?

    i've yet to hear of one being in USA but i'd be interested if anyone knows!

    btw if you see a gucci horsebit online, ask if there is a magnetic closure, the easiest way to tell if it's a fake.

    and i just have to say, those are pretty D*MN good fakes!
  10. There is a Gucci outlet In Cabazon, California, Near the Morongo Hotel and Casino.
  11. I htink there is one on the MP right now if you have access.....it's the medium size brown color. Very pretty. She did say she got it from the outlet though.


  12. Does an authentic one have a magnetic closure then? or no...
  13. Try bluefly.com They have classic bags at a lower price. Plus you can trust them