Where can I find a good deal on Tom Ford Whitney sunglasses?

  1. I'd like the dark brown...

    TIA ;)
  2. Check out decormyeyes.com They have them on sale.
  3. The only time I saw any kind of discount on them at a department store was during the "friends and family" 20% sale. I *think* Bloomies included them in their f&f (or was it Nordies?)

    Please post if you do find them at a dept store... I've had them on my wish list too
  4. i think decormyeyes.com sells fakes

  5. Thanks, I was just going to ask this. Anyone know of a good place besides the depts stores? In MI we have solstice; but they don't have a website. I'm looking for a pair of black rimmed Chanel aviators and I cannot find them for anything!!!
  6. there's a thread in Wardrobe about how psychotic the owner of DecorMyEyes is... i'd avoid.
  7. I believe they have the dark brown ones on the Kitson website and when you use the coupon code kitsoncod you get 15% off :tup:
  8. Why do you think that?
  9. yes, i'd like to know as well, since i've purchased from them and they look, feel, the same as the ones from Saks.
  10. Loehmanns has some Tom Ford sunglasses for $50-$60.
  11. You can check giarre.com. Ive never ordered from them but I was told they sell authentic items.
  12. yea, i just got one for 30bux @ tjmax. i saw few more at marshalls too, but they were more expensive than tj.
  13. Yes, I'd check Loehmanns.