where can i find a GGH sandstone part time?

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  1. ive checked BalNY, ALL Barneys nationwide, Aloharag, and eBay. they mostly have mastic/oatmeal. is there anywhere else i can check? thanks!
    rosanna :crybaby:
  2. I only find this bag at Bluefly. But, on a condition if you're very lucky. And if you already have that luck...act quick! You know how fast ppl snab a coveted bag on bluefly
  3. I know your pain, I am on a desperate search for a sandstone city or PT with RH, so if I come across a GH I will definitely let you know, I have decided not to settle on the mastic and just try and be patient...good luck on your hunt!!
  4. ^^^ yes these sandstones are pretty hard to come across nowadays... good luck guys!

    mean while heres some eye candy for ya while on the hunt! I love this bag! :p
    Sandstone GGH work front.JPG Sandstone GGH work close up.JPG
  5. WOW, finally we get to see your gorgeous Sandstone.:nuts: Don't you love this color? Enjoy it.:wlae:
  6. yummy! the GGH is so gorgeous on sandstone. i cannot wait to find one! thanks!
  7. hi Nanaz! yup posted it a while ago on a thread but maybe you missed it? yup definitely :heart::heart::heart: this combo! its truely my fav!!! (for now hehehe) and you have a gorgeous bag yourself there in your avatar... I must say you have GREAT TASTE!:p
  8. How did i miss your thread?:shame:i have to check that now and thanks for the compliment.:blush:

    OK i just checked your thread and i have a comment there for you. I think Balenciaga has drained my brain out today because i am starting to forget things now.:weird::wacko: