Where can I find a French blue first?

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  1. I would greatly appreciate if anyone sees a French blue first if you could let me know. I was on BalNY's list, but I saw last week that they seem to be sold out of all French blue bags. I am also on Aloharag's list, but I haven't heard anything from them either, and I've been on the list about a month. My local NM has my name and number in case they get any in, but it just seems that this bag is hard to get. I haven't seen any forum members with this bag yet, but if any of you see them at your local stores, could you let me know? Thanks in advance.
  2. I was told NM and Saks both did not order the first in FB. Maybe try Barneys
  3. I'd like to be a fly on the wall at these meetings when they decide what colors/styles to order !!! ;)
  4. I talked to Aloha Rag and they said they are expecting them soon. I wish I knew how soon ...sooon was.
  5. Impasto, I wish I knew how soon, soon is also. I'm getting very impatient! Well, at least it gives me time to pay off some other credit card bills.
  6. i've been waiting on the aloharag list as well... haven't seen anyone w/ a french blue first!
  7. ^Yeah, come to think of it.. I haven't seen any pics of FB firsts. Guess alot of places didn't place an order for the color/style combo.

    I'd say on the AR list & hopefully they'll call you. Or call up BalNY and see if they're getting in.
  8. i wonder why stores don't order some FB in first... tat was the first style i wanted it when the color came out!
  9. BTW Verty i love ur Vert D'eau in your avatar!
  10. Thank you Kitty! :biggrin: