Where can I find a French Blue City?

  1. I'm still deciding between french blue, mint & anthracite and I found some places to get mint & anthracite but I still haven't found places w/ french blue..TIA!:smile:
  2. Hmm I'm in the UK and was hoping to get one from the US b/c they are cheaper...Its awkward for me to phone though unless I know they have it. Maybe I will see if someone can phone for me. Do you know if the bag costs just $1195 instore or do you add on tax on top of that in the US?
  3. Do u want to check with aloha rag (with free shipping)...u can open up the link to check the store and it indicated the different stores/online that carrys balenciaga....regards
  4. In the UK, you can phone or email, Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, Harrods, Crickets at Liverpool, Matches at Wimbledon, Browns.

    If you search on line for the stores, and then use their email contact section or get the numbers and give them a call.

    Selfridges is 08708 377 377
    Harrods is 0207 730 1234 (ladies fashion dept)
    Browns 0207 514 0000
    Matches is 0870 067 8838
    Crickets is 0151 227 4645
  5. As far i know esp for aloha rag, it does not include any tax...eg, a first bag costs USD995 nett (with free shipping)....:smile:

    U can also check with balenciaga NY as they ship internationally (but shippin costs not included) and u can either email them or call to enquire, they did not include tax for that when i ask them abt the oval clutch bag, but i have to pay the shippin costs which is quite steep (USD75) to my country....sigh
  6. It may seem cheaper, but beware as you may get collared for custom fees, and last time I paid £83.00 on a pre-loved bag.
  7. ^Okay I will check through that thread now!

    Thanks for the help girls! I'm in Manchester and at Harvey Nichols and Selfridges I haven't seen FB.:crybaby:Maybe the London stores will have it. How much is the city in the UK? I can't remember..I have a feeling its like $200 more though which is why I want it from the US.:sad:

    Oh I know there would be bad customs but I would be having it shipped to a girl in NJ who ships all my clothes to me w/out customs.:smile:

    I checked w/ aloharag recently b/c w/ them it can come straight to me but they don't have FB.

    Someone I know on another forum (she is also on here)..stylefly said that Paris Balenciaga is probably the best place for me to get from b/c I wouldn't get customs. I wondered how much they are there? Also how would I order from them on the phone? Do they have staff who speak English?
  8. Here's one on eBay...I don't know the seller or anything about the bag though. Good luck!!
    Item #270108296165